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                                               Ben Lord & steve Keeble





        AFTER 82



                      The untold stories of the AIDS PANDEMIC IN THE UK                                                       



This hauntingly beautiful film should be seen EVERYWHERE - Ann Mitchell, Actress, Widows Eastenders.






Sensitive film making at it’s best - Stephen Vowles, Boyz magazine.
I am convinced that,upon release, AFTER 82 will be recognized as an invaluable contribution to the history of the AIDS pandemic. We owe Ben Lord & Steve Keeble a loud enthusiastic “thank you”- Hank Trout, A&U magazine.

















We owe these people and future generations within the LGBT community, and outside, to remember what happened. It’s like our holocaust. You can’t forget. - Matt Micucci - Gay essential.








                                                               Distribution by House Of Film- Los Angeles,CA

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